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News has learned that Jane Fonda and Richard Perry are ending their relationship. We care about each other a great deal and as far as romantic relationships, that's temporarily been put on the back burner because she, as you probably know, has rededicated herself to activism." He added, "We definitely have a great deal of love for each other."So are things completely over between the two?

“You can’t report to Pittman, so you have to have a more senior role,” Levin remembers telling Turner. of AOL, who was to be the chairman of the new company, demanding that he not be deprived of supervision of CNN and the other cable networks that he had started.

"The day we parted, three days after the millennium, he flew to Atlanta to drop me off.

, Williams discusses how Fonda and Turner each coped when their marriage ended in 2001 after 10 years.

"Alongside the frantic life we shared, I was living a parallel inner life, where I took care of my own needs ...

I also knew that if I had discussed with him my need for spirituality, he would have either asked me to choose between him and it or bullied me out of it." Fonda writes that her religious conversion coincided with the realization that Turner had never stopped cheating on her.

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