Updating records retention schedules in nyc

At present there are no state laws or regulations that define how long private organizations must maintain their patient care records and other related EMS documents.

However federal regulations do require providers being paid through Medicaid and Medicare to retain appropriate documentation in compliance with applicable regulations.

014-037) replaces Fixed Assets Records Retention Schedule no. 02-15) and State Property Management (other than real property) Records Retention Schedule (Admin Informational Bulletin no. The State Property Management Records Retention Schedule is available in PDF on the state Administration Department's web site.

indicates the minimum length of time that officials of School Districts (including community school districts in New York City and "special act" or institutional school districts), BOCES, County Vocational Education & Extension Boards, Teacher Resource & Computer Training Centers must retain their records before they may be disposed of legally.

The state Finance Department staff compiled the current schedule, which lists Statewide Accounting (SWA) records, budget records, and agency use forms common to Minnesota state agencies.

Also included is the state Finance Department's internal records retention schedule for payroll records; other state agencies determine their own retention for payroll records.

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The Records Manager is responsible for all activities connected with the life cycle of records including the development and implementation of active physical/electronic filing systems; the preservation and storage and disposal of inactive records, assistance in controlling cost associated with physical/electronic creation, storage, and retrieval; and other aspects of records and electronic management as required.

Before records disposition takes place, this Schedule must be formally adopted by resolution of the governing body.

The State Archives has prepared and issued this Schedule in accordance with state law and regulation.

Unless otherwise required by regulation or policy: EMS Agencies, Course Sponsors and individual provider's are not required to create and/or use all of the following forms of documentation.

Provided below are links to various records retention schedules for Minnesota government entities.

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