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However, from her profile I have a clear picture of who she is and what she is looking for.I want to point out a few key points that make her profile a success.

I want to greatly thank greatly, the administrator, and all shadchanim, especially Elisheva Altman for helping me BS"D find Michael. But G-d has most amazing ways when we least expect!Halachically speaking would a boy be allowed to go on a date if he is worried that he will excessively ... As discussed in Taanis 31a, it was on Tu B'Av that the men of Yisrael sent their daughters to dance in the vineyard as a loophole to their vow not to marry their daughters off to Shevet Binyamin, in ... Overall, the most important thing her profile gets across is that she clearly knows herself and understands what she is looking for.That doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll get what she wants, but she is better equipped to find men who are like-minded and to have a more positive dating experience until she meets Mr. The profile is indented, and my comments are in italics. “If there was a snowstorm…” is a very interesting way to begin a profile.

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Matchmakers read thousands of profiles, and it’s a real challenge to get yours to stand out.

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  1. "Younger men expect an older woman to be more accomplished. Older women are more experienced and they know what they want." Janice Spindel, who chose the men and women, said: "I really think a lot of people will connect.