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This another way of determining whether a pipe bearing a 1950 '0' date code and a circled group number was made in 1950 and received a supplemental stamp in 1951, or was actually made and fully stamped in 1951.

The former (1950 pipe with a supplemental stamp) will have the finish letter followed by a circled group size stamp on the 'brand side' while the latter (1951 pipe) will have the circled group size stamp before the finish letter on the 'MADE IN ENGLAND' side.

My belief is that on occasion the factory ordered the shape, and when it arrived, several were enough larger than the standard to justify placing the X in front of the shape.

The pre-Republic Deluxe is a bit too large for my taste, so it will be resold. Deluxe X69 Pre-Republic This has the block style “Made In Ireland” stamp that was used from 1947 to 1949, at the end of that era.Just as the author’s The Ultimate Pipe Book rekindled pipesmoking in 1984 and his The Ultimate Cigar Book helped start cigarmania in 1993, Rare Smoke is the world’s first look at the growing trend of collecting pre-smoked pipes.“Actually, they’re more politely referred to as estate pipes,” said Hacker, who has been called America’s most politically incorrect author because of his extensive writings on tobacco and whiskies.By Al Jones I recently acquired two Peterson shape 69 pipes.One was a 1974 hallmarked “Sterling” pipe and the other, a pre-Republic Deluxe pipe with the X69 stamp.

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