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If you are like the majority of students, you were lucky to receive any sex ed, let alone sex ed that taught about contraceptives and HIV/STI prevention and care. You’re in college and/or a young adult, and you’re wondering what it might have been like for you if you had received that education.

Now imagine a sexual health curriculum that embraced the possibility of pleasure.

Imagine a space that gave you the knowledge and practical tools and tips to engage in activity you feel pleasurable. Pleasure-based and pleasure positive sex ed spaces are far and few between. Because we’re going to contact them and make some asks.

Envision a space that allows you to reclaim the queer body and sexuality that was torn away, that was stifled, that was never yours to own, until this exact moment. “People” are often too afraid to touch the idea of masturbation with a ten-foot pole – or dildo, in this circumstance. Look around you at existing organizations, groups of people, friends, campus departments, or health providers that are down for you and your people. In order to build out our pleasure-based sex ed, we know we have to make space for these conversations – physical space.

Peer education is also associated with efforts to prevent tobacco, alcohol and other drug use among young people.

acknowledges that many of the harms associated with drug use and sex work are a direct result of the “War on Drugs” and the criminalization of sex work.

Unfortunately, our participants are negatively impacted by these unjust policies related to drug use and sex work on a daily basis.

Mc Kinley peers educate university students through interactive programming, awareness campaigns and the distribution of health materials and information.

Mc Kinley Peer Educators dialogue with their peers about issues related to college life.

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UPRISE includes a rigorous workshop training component and a supervised Field Practicum during which Peer Trainees learn to be effective health educators and community advocates.

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