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A photo circulating on social media shows a man and three children, all wearing black t-shirts, playing in a swimming pool with a Winnie the Pooh beach ball in the corner.

At least 1,000 Saudi Arabian women flee the country each year because of the country’s ingrained misogyny, a sociologist based in the country's capital Riyadh has claimed.

The camera then pans around the shop showing a security guard and a young boy laughing at the situation, while other women are seen calmly observing the chaos and talking to each other.

Saudi Arabia has censored an advert featuring a white woman in a swimsuit by Photoshopping a beach ball over her because the photo breaks the country's strict Sharia laws about women covering their skin in public.

Men are sitting next to women as they listen to the music. The man tensely holding the lute is Khalil Al Muwail. His day job is as an information technology specialist at a large hospital in the capital city Riyadh, but his true passion is playing the oud, the Arab lute.

The deeply religious claim that people who play the oud also have other vices, and if the religious police catch someone playing the instrument, they destroy it. To learn how to play the instrument and become a virtuoso, Al Muwail spent years driving 500 kilometers to neighboring Bahrain every two weeks for a one-hour lesson. But things are changing - even in what may be the world's most conservative country.

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