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Second update: The bootstrap error got solved by this change: anyone is running Arch32, it would be good to see if this change messes up something (-- abi 64 architecture specific?

) If that is the case, I suppose the bootstrap.install needs to be conditional based on architecture.

Use one package manager across all of your systems!

It was forked from the Free BSD ports collection in 1997 as the primary package management system for Net BSD.There are multiple ways to install programs using pkgsrc.The pkgsrc bootstrap contains a traditional ports collection that utilizes a series of makefiles to compile software from source.I have fixed 20 test failures in LLVM implementing Allocate RWX and Release RWX for the Net BSD flavor of Pa X MPROTECT. It's worth noting that the googletest library (used in a modified version in LLVM and in a regular one in Clang) finally accepted the Net BSD patches.I expect to get four LLVM sanitizers working in order to move on to LLDB: asan (address sanitizer), ubsan (undefined behavior sanitizer), tsan (thread sanitizer), msan (memory sanitizer).

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Pkgsrc is very similar to Free BSD's ports mechanism.

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