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When the Observer first logged on, it looked like a standard online dating site: Women’s profiles, each with a non-identifying username, lined the page; we could filter prospects by age, location, appearance and interests.

A sizeable proportion of these ‘marriages’ are thought to be polygynous (specifically where a man has multiple wives).This was Second, a matchmaking site that enables Muslim men to search for second, third, or fourth wives (the Islamic limit). Originally, he had hoped to create a more traditional matchmaking site, but found that the market was already saturated.On the flip side, women can search Second profiles if they hope to become an extra wife. “There [were] plenty of fish (excuse the pun) to compete with,” he said.The report largely blames the “tolerance” of “regressive” cultures for segregation and said that pressure should be put on migrants to integrate.“The practice of unregistered polygamy appears to be more commonplace than might be expected,” Dame Louise said.

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In many Muslim communities in this country, polygamy is commonplace although as a nation bigamy is legally forbidden.” Witnesses to the Commons Home Affairs Committee, as part of the broader inquiry into Sharia councils, have warned that the number of polygynous marriages is on the rise.

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