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(Mischopterida, Vorkutiidae), Glossopterum sharovi sp. New taxa of the order Grylloblattida are described: Sylvaprisca alba Aristov, sp. The bottle has a tag with a number 2020 N -- can this help identify when it was made? Your e Bay sale will do much better if you can show a picture instead of a written description only. I've fixed the link to the pics that show both bottles... I know the size because of the box, but I just want to know what to write when it comes to the date. I believe that the "stopwatch" bottle (flat and round) for Guerlain Ed C's was produced in the late 1960s-mid 1970s.The pictures I have seen don't have the little green bottle. I have a half-used bottle of the Mitsouko Ed C in this style. The impoverished character of the assemblage is ascribed to its supposed northern origin. (Lemmatophoridae), Neprotembia complicata Aristov, sp. The results are inconsistent with the hypothesis of considerable age difference between parts of the Vorkuta Group section, although they do not help with dating the deposits within the Kungurian through Kazanian interval. (Aliculidae), Permopectina vorkutensis Aristov, gen.

My mom loved perfume and had a huge collection of perfumes -- she always smelled great (First was her poison of choice).

She passed away and I found some older bottles in a cardboard box.

I want to sell some on ebay, but I don't want to send out the wrong information in terms of date etc... The perfume bottle is sealed with a plasitc strip but it does not have the little string with the metal on it.

Our role in the conservation team is to provide data to conservators that can identify the materials used by the original artists as well as the materials used during subsequent restoration campaigns (a campaign refers to restoration efforts separated by time).

We are also hoping to provide the art historians with technical information that may help with dating and understanding how Pietro da Cortona and his workshop painted this rare, large format, oil-on-canvas painting.

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  1. In what is yet another case of a manufacturer making things harder than they need to be, Samsung is pushing customers to use its own utility in favor of Windows Update to keep their laptops updated.

  2. Tinder, America’s fast-growing online-dating juggernaut, last week unveiled its first big branding partnership aimed at its core audience of millennial fling-seekers: a neon-drenched video-ad campaign hyping Bud Light’s mega-keg party, “Whatever, USA.” Meanwhile, over at Tinder’s less-youthful rival e Harmony, a recent ad saw its 80-year-old founder counseling a single woman besieged by bridesmaid’s invitations to take some time (and, of course, the site’s 200-question compatibility quiz) to find that special someone: “Beth, do you want fast or forever?

  3. I have a custom text box component (inherits from that I created in (2005) that handles the input of numeric data. I would like to suppress the validating and validated events from firing if the number hasn't changed. The idea is that I want to cache the value of the text box on the validate event.