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Flussonic is able to rebroadcast streaming video with multiplexing.That is, a copy of data is taken from the source and delivered to all users who requested this video.Your outfit should not be a distraction to you or the audience.You are not trying to make a fashion statement – unless of course you’re a fashion designer! Check out our post about tips on what to wear for a TV interview.

Get free tickets to your favorite talk show, save the date on your calendar, show up at the studio and watch your fave talk show host crack wise with celebrity guests and rock out with baller musical acts.Flussonic supports many types of data sources, which must be pointed at with URLs.In order to add a stream via the web interface, open the Media tab: Press "add static stream", enter the name of the stream and the data source's URL.A TV gateway (also called network TV tuner) is a television headend to a network UPn P router that receives live digital video broadcast (DVB) MPEG transport streams (channels) from terrestrial aerials, satellite dishes, or cable feeds and converts them into IP streams for distribution over an IP network.TV gateways allow users to stream broadcast live TV content to connected devices on the IP network, including tablets, smartphones, computers, gaming consoles and smart TVs.

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The more channels a TV gateway provides the more users it can service at the same time.

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