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If you don’t like the pressure of dating, then Dating Direct might be a better fit for you. Great people who don’t know what to write on their profile. 25 million people and counting have tried Ok Cupid.

It does tend to attract slightly older people (30 to 50) than the other more trendy dating sites. An abundance of both men and women, no disproportionate ratios. Are you a self-confessed flirter that’s just too busy? This location based dating site focuses on women around you that are time poor but eager to get a date. If that’s YOU (yes the single dude) then you should ask one of your good mates to help you out, by writing an honest profile for you. Best for the younger crowd and more casual hookups.

We have been working in the international dating industry since 2002, we have helped hundreds of men from Europe, Australia, USA, Middle East, Canada, Japan and South America met their Ukrainian and Russian wives.

Have a look at some of our Success Stories Some men ask us about what are all these beautiful Russian women doing here?

Most women have been interviewed personally in our representative offices.

Chinese girls are considered to have some special characteristics that western women do not have, so more and more foreigners hope to marry a Chinese woman.

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Check the following Chinese dating site reviews and find a dating site that suits you best.

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