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She then skedaddled to a new town, where fresh tragedy awaited. Goodyear adopted Judi’s young son, Michael, and the couple had two more children, James Jr.

This she did despite the warnings from her family and even after receiving a letter from investigators telling her that she had been trapped in a scam. Jacobs never returned from this trip and never married her African boyfriend. Her scammer, Orowo Jesse Omokoh, was later arrested for fraud and possible connections to her murder.The lawyer told Annette that Colin had injured himself at work and was struggling to pay for food.Initially, she sent through 00, then about ,000.Later that year, Judi suffered another loss when fire consumed her home.She took solace in a ,000 fire insurance settlement, ,000 in life insurance policies, and another ,000 in veterans’ dependency compensation.

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Goodyear returned from a tour of duty in Vietnam in 1971 and immediately fell ill from a confounding malady whose symptoms included piercing abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea.

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