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‘Someone gave me a copy of the tape and it just blew me away’ he says.‘It was quite different to the sort of stuff anyone else was doing at the time and I became completely obsessed with that band.’ Around the mid-nineties he started his own ‘typical teenage rock band playing angry, rebellious music’ inspired by the experimental genre-mashing of Faith No More’s pioneering 1992 album and Rage Against the Machine’s self-titled debut from the same year that exploded from the underground with all the ferocity of an atomic bomb. As I said in the story, cancer cuts us to our sexual quick. Here’s a link to Part 1, which covers the sexual aftermath of cancer treatment and how surgery, chemo, radiation and hormone treatments — all those things they do to keep us alive — can cause all kinds of sexual side effects, from fatigue and body image issues to erectile dysfunction and vaginismus. And even though it felt like I was walking around in my underpants when the stories came out (I talked a little bit about my own experience in this realm), I’m glad I covered it because it’s a big issue for cancer patients and it doesn’t get a ton of attention. Sex after cancer has become the elephant in the bedroom.

I learned that my diagnosis would require a painful surgery and recovery (and later found out that it would also entail chemotherapy). I tackled the topic last week in a two-part series for Fred Men struggle with impotence; women are plunged into menopause decades before they would naturally arrive; and many are left to sort it all out on their own. Because people often don’t feel comfortable talking about this stuff – not doctors, not patients, not even their partners.And here’s Part 2, which offers a few experts tips and tricks that we as patients can use to hack our post-treatment sex life.A few days before my post-op appointment, I began writing down my story from the discovery of the lump to present day.I found the words flowed easily from my fingers, and with every keystroke, I felt a weight being lifted.

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